Closeup of a Hy-Brasil stone circle, built by the ancient Atlanteans
Hy-Brasil - Aeyel Stone Circle Closeup

Hy-Brasil was a magical small island off the coast of Ireland; after the Atlantis deluge, some Atlanteans settled here to begin anew.


Pictured here is Aeyel, one of the many stone circles built by the newly emigrated Atlanteans. 


This entire site is imbued with frequencies of joy and renewal. The tall stone has a jewel embedded in it which is activated with healing energies at specific times depending on the position of the sun and phase of the moon; the spiral within both stone circle is magically self-illuminating. 


After the Atlantis deluge, the Earth shifted on its axis, and Aeyel was built to align with the new equinoxes and solstices. The site was powerfully healing, and served as a sanctuary for the Atlanteans after their traumatic ordeal.

See also Aeyel aerial view, and Aeyel on the Winter Solstice sunrise and Fall Equinox sunset:
Hy-Brasil Stone Circle
Hy-Brasil Stone Circle at the Winter Solstice
Hy-Brasil Stone Circle at the Winter Solstice

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