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With my large wall art, I adhere a large print to a woodblock, then coat the entire piece with clear epoxy resin.


Before adhering the print however, I first imprint the woodblock with sacred geometry, symbols and high-vibrational words;  this serves to anchor higher frequencies. 


I then adhere the print and coat the piece with clear resin. 


Lastly, I work with my crystals to charge the art with Light and imbue the entire piece with many frequencies and intentions such as:

-to raise the frequency of the room in which it's displayed

-to offer blessings and joy to all who gaze upon it

-to uplift the viewer, leaving them in a higher state of mind than before

-to align the viewer to their own truth, their own power and their own Light

-for the image to appear even more 3d, as if it is actually a window to a different world

-and, if the viewer is open to it, to offer the experience of being transported to the actual place depicted in the image


This meditation/ceremony is different for each art piece (i.e. unique sacred geometry, symbols, words, crystals and frequencies) so each piece is distinct with it's own unique energy signature.


Sizes are 20x30 or 24x36 (2" depth);  image descriptions are included and are detachable (photos are coming soon!).

Prices vary, depending on the size and image; contact me at for more information.

Sunset Vista - visionary art, scifi fantasy art, mystical art
Visionary art of the Egyptian Pyramids aligning with Orion's Belt, Orion Constellation, ancient Egypt art, mystical art, scifi art, mystical art
Light of Venus - visionary art, scifi art, fantasy image, inspirational art, meditation art
Temple in the Sky by Places of Light - visionary art, fantasy scifi art, mystical image, inspirational gift
Guiding Light inspirational gift, fantasy art, stonehenge art, visionary art by Places of Light
Temple by the Sea - visionary, mystical, fantasy image by Places of Light
Places of Light Visionary Art

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