Andara Crystals - Beautiful and Magical

Andara Crystals are some of the most beautiful crystals I have ever seen. They are brilliantly colorful, glass-like and humming with high-vibrational energy. Believe me when I say that online pictures do not do them justice!

Andara Crystals

How They Were Found

The origin of Andara's is fascinating. Back in 1967, a medicine woman known as Lady Nellie had found one in the mountains near her home in northern California. Not much happened for a while, but then a decade later, a psychic healer named Ally saw the Andara and excitedly said she'd been having visions of these crystals. Convinced there were many more, and that they had special powers, Ally offered to purchase all the Andara Crystals Lady Nellie could find. Her specific instructions were to look for white powder that "was the dust of the unicorns rubbing their horns together in play."

Sure enough, under the white powder, beautiful brightly colored crystals were found. With the help of family members, to everyone's delight 900 lbs of Andara Crystals were found. Ally smiled and said, "the people of this planet are ready for the gifts of these crystals, so the earth will supply more very soon."

About a month later there was an earthquake that caused the side of the mountain to slide down revealing several tons of the precious crystals. Nellie contacted Ally and told her the wonderful news, Ally said, "gather what you can, some day the earth will take the crystals back to hold its seed." (you can read the full story at

Supposedly, Andara Crystals have a connection with Lemuria, and this is how they got their name. You can read a channeled message about this at

More Powerful than Ordinary Crystals

Andara's are said to represent "a new and unique energy frequency, unequaled in its potential and possibilities". For this reason, many people experience synchronicities just by having the crystals near them. Others have reported the crystals "talking" to them, offering guidance, while others have experienced the crystals disappearing only to reappear in a different place. Reiki Masters and other energy healers use the crystals as they raise the vibrational frequencies around them.

I have 2 Andara's: one Lemurian Gold, and one that is a brilliant aquamarine blue. I haven't experienced them talking to me (at least not consciously), or mysteriously disappearing, but just having them in my home I am certain raises the energy. Also, by merely gazing at them and/or holding them in my hand I feel a soothing energy both physically and emotionally. I remember when I first opened the package in the mail I was in complete awe of how magnificent they looked - truly out of this world!!!

For More Information

Lady Nellie has sinced passed away, and currently a kind soul named Mickey Magic from Santa Cruz, California has taken over the business.

Mickey's website is Andara's are sold by the ounce, so you basically tell them how much you want to spend and your preferred color, and a crystal is cut just for you. (For $150, I bought 2 at approximately 2"x1"x1" each)

Here is a great interview with Mickey on the Sheila Gale show:

They are also available (pre-cut) from "Life's Treasures" located in Kauai:

You can read more about Andara Crystals at:

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