Quick Technique to Boost Self-Esteem

I believe many of us spiritual seekers are prone to low self-esteem -- after all, we are generally sensitive souls going through life with unconventional beliefs, feeling different, never seeming to fit in, with the mainstream often writing us off as flaky, weird or woo-woo. On top of that, as many of us are highly empathic, we're constantly picking up thoughts, energies and emotions from all around us; therefore it can be hard to know what's ours and what's someone else's, giving way to confusion and self-doubt. I recently heard Sonia Choquette sharing this simple technique to feel good about yourself - I really love it so wanted to pass it on to you :-) Throughout the day, simply say: "My spirit is beautiful" Additionally, remind yourself throughout the day what you love about your spirit, such as "I love my spirit's sense of humor", "I love that my spirit perceives beauty where others don't", "I love that my spirit is kind", etc etc. The mind always wants to nit-pick, criticize, and ruminate over everything you did "wrong", but putting the focus on your beautiful spirit takes you back to the truth: you are a shining star, a beautiful bright light in an often-times dark world. As Sonia says "Your mind will catch up eventually, but your spirit is beautiful!" Believe it!!!! :-)

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