7 Energy Processes for Youth & Vitality

So much of "aging", I believe, is just programming - programming we receive from early life about what to expect as the decades roll on. This programming gets reinforced countless times by tv, doctor's visits, birthdays, and society in general that's it's no wonder our bodies conform to these limiting messages and we start to decline over time.

According to the visions I've had, in ancient times - such as Atlantis, Lemuria and even the early days of Egypt - people didn't age, or at least nearly as quickly as we do today. Perhaps the energies were lighter and clearer back then and life was less toxic, but people knew how to regenerate and rejuvenate themselves.

The good news is your cells still retain the ancient knowledge of how to regenerate, renew and rejuvenate - we just need to detoxify our minds & bodies and coax our cells to remember.

The following mp3's are energy processes to erase your aging programming, to help your cells remember how to regenerate, and to retrain your body to stay youthful. Enjoy!

1. Age Reversal

Healer Tamra Oviatt has created this activation which turns off the "aging switch" in your pituitary gland, and clears your stored beliefs (core and genetic beliefs, as well as beliefs from the collective consciousness) $35, http://sacredactivations.com/product/age-reversal/

2. Cellular Restore

Judy Satori uses light language to communicate with your body's cells. If you;ve never heard light language before, it will sound strange to your conscious mind; however your cells will understand and receive the vibrational coding.

CellularRestore.mp3 will pump new life into your cells and lengthen your telomeres; it will also improve your level of collagen. When I listen I can actually feel my face getting more plump - try it!

$33, https://judysatori.com/store/products/beyond-healing-ph-1-regenesis/

3. Body Boost

Medical Intuitive Lynn Waldrop leads this mp3 which is both a guided meditation and pure energy to replenish youth and recontour the face and body. You can either listen actively and use as a guided meditation, or lower the volume, play on a loop and let the energy work with your body's consciousness to create something you & your body will love. Great!

I got this as a free gift for signing the newsletter at http://www.LynnWaldrop.com. I don't know if she's still offering it as the free gift, so if not, you can listen at https://soundcloud.com/lynnwaldrop/body-boost

4. Telomeres & Stem Cells

(Also by Tamra Oviatt) The energy on this mp3 lengthens the telomeres and activates stem cells so your body can rejuvenate. Wonderful to do at least a few times per week!

$35, http://sacredactivations.com/product/telomeres-and-stem-cells/

5. Age Retardation

(Also by Judy Satori) Judy uses Light Language to entrain your pineal & pituitary glands to "cosmic time" (as opposed to 3d linear time), which slows down the aging process.

Free! https://judysatori.com/free/physical-regeneration/age-retardation/

6. Moses Code

(Also by Tamra Oviatt) This mp3 "ignites your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cell, and increases your energy and mental clarity"; it can make you look up to 10 years younger!

Free! http://sacredactivations.com/product/moses-code-2/

7. Hormones in Balance

(Also by Tamra Oviatt) This mp3 is great if you have any hormonal issues, as it adjusts your pituitary gland so your hormonal flow is healthy and balanced.

$35, http://sacredactivations.com/product/hormones-in-balance-2/


Finally, here is an excellent channelled message on how the body is no longer aging as it did in past decades - very inspiring!


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