Tools to Raise Your Vibration

If you're reading my blog, you most likely know about high-vibrational vs low-vibrational energy.

Basically, high vibrations such as love and joy elevate us to where we feel in harmony with life - we feel better and more relaxed, and things just seem to flow easily; while low vibrations such as anger and fear make us feel stuck, powerless, lost and overall awful.

As energy healer Meg Benedicte so eloquently explains: "The lower your vibration the more dense and inflexible your energy is. The higher your vibration or energy frequency (Hertz) the more connected you are to higher awareness, intuition, clairvoyance, and even spiritual gifts (Zen Buddhist monks routinely vibrate at 40+ Hz - pure enlightenment). You see, at 7 Hz or lower you are LOCKED into the 3D Matrix at the level of blocks of fear, doubt and lack of abundance."

Vibrational range applies not only to the emotional realm, but also the physical. Pure places in nature, for example, hold a much higher vibration than say a garbage dump.

I know it's not always easy to raise your emotional vibration, especially when you're having a bad day, but fortunately there are tools available to lift you up physically, and this often translates into an improved emotional state. Here are a few of my favorite vendors & products (and I am not affiliated with or profiting from mentioning them :-)


Vibes Up

THE place for tools to raise your vibration

VibesUp sells nearly everything including coasters, jewelry, clothing, water bottles, even stuffed teddy bears (I admit I have one :-), and even cushion inserts (called "Divine Soles") to simulate walking barefoot on the earth.

I have a water bottle, Divine Soles, eye mask, coaster, bracelets and yes I have a teddy bear. These are wonderful, nurturing products to use and have in your home!


Troika St Germain (scroll down for the Products section)

Offers a whole array of high-vibrational products including skin care, elixirs for youth & vitality. The skin care products (Time Warp, Transformational Essence) are wonderful!!


Purple Plates

The technology of purple plates came from Nikolai Tesla. Purple plates energize anything near them, and are small enough to carry with you in your purse or wallet. I use mine to charge my beverages.


Andara Crystals

Mesmerizingly beautiful crystals that are highly-saturated in color. Just having them near you is soothing and magical!

Read more at and You can also read my blog post "Andara Crystals - Beautiful and Magical"


Tachyon Technology Products

This technology is said to boost immunity, raise your consciousness and protect your electromagnetic field; the url above sells tons of products infused with this technology.

I own a blue scarf and whenever I wear it, I not only feel good but people remark that I "look great!". I believe the tachyon technology helps to strengthen my energy field.


Zero Point Pendants

These are beautiful torus-shaped, crystalline pendants that really do strengthen your field.

When I first moved to California, I had terrible headaches, as if I had energetic sludge all around my head (maybe from radiation or emfs? Who knows...). After I started wearing my zero point pendant the headaches disappeared, so these definitely help keep the lower frequencies out!


Q-Link Technology

Among other things, these protect against emfs. I have a necklace as well as a stick-on Q-Link for my laptop.

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