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I've always been into ufology (extraterrestrials, unidentified flying aircraft, abductions, hybrids - the whole shebang), and have always believed other races of beings exist all throughout the universe and are visiting or watching over our planet. I do believe the Ancient Alien theory that extraterrestrials have been involved in our evolution, and have played a big role in many fables and even Bible stories (such as David & Goliath & Jacob's Ladder). Additionally I've always had a strong sense of magnificent other worlds, and this is what I try to capture in my artwork, http://www.placesoflight.com I also believe or governments have been lying to us about the extent of their knowledge (especially the US government), and I look forward to the day of total acceptance by the people of the existence of ET's and disclosure of our governments of all they know. Perhaps 2012 will usher in this new era... In the meantime, if you are as fascinated with this subject as I am, here are some recommended books:


Raechel's Eyes

The (allegedly) true story of an alien hybrid rescued by US military forces after a UFO crash, and indoctrinated into an experiment to see if she could "blend in" with society. Raechel is enrolled in a college, and lives with a blind roommate. It is the roommate's mother who notices the oddities of Raechel, and who investigates and eventually writes the book. FASCINATING!!!!!

Raechel's Eyes



Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story

Stan Romanek's first book documenting his abductions, the complex mathematical formulas given to hm by the ETs, his many alien sightings (not just UFO's but actual photos of aliens and hybrids), and his nasty adventures with the "Black Ops", or secret government forces incessantly threatening and keeping tabs on him. Another FASCINATING book!!!!!





Picks up where Messages leaves off and offers explanations for some of the loose ends & questions posed in Messages. Some of the info is a little "out there", but most of the material will amaze you




The Orion Regressions

Throughout Stan's abduction years, he was regressed by a hypnotherapist. During many sessions, a high intelligence would channel through him, disclosing much information of time travel, worm holes, why certain people are abducted and not others, the origin of our species, etc. Most of the information given by this entity is cryptic, but it's still a terrific read

Orion Regressions


______________________________________________________________ The Keepers

Chronicles Jim Spark's years of abductions. What he endures with these abductions is beyond riveting - one of the most fascinating ET stories I've ever read

The Keepers



What I especially love is the overlap of information, which leads me to believe there is truth to what is written in these books. Enjoy!

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