5 Energy Processes to Clear the Chakras

It's so important to regularly clear your chakras. Why? Because chakras are the energy vortexes that act as antennae for higher guidance; unfortunately they also absorb lower vibrations and thought forms so let's clear the gunk to enjoy clearer perception and awareness :)

Here are a few energy processes I've found very effective - enjoy!


1. Fruit of Life Activation - $35

In my experience, this has been the most powerful way to clear and align not 7 but 13 chakras.

The Fruit of Life Activation is a downloadable mp3 you get from http://www.sacredactivations.com for $35.

Healer Tamra Oviatt first talks about the energy, then asks you to sit quietly while she sends energy chakra by chakra which clears and aligns them. The activation takes several minutes, and you may feel tired or woozy afterward; also you may have emotions come up as old belief patterns are released.

2. 7 Minute Chakra Tune-Up - free download

Jonathan Goldman offers a free downloadable mp3 at http://www.healingsounds.com/7-minute-chakra-download-page

Each tone is so attuned to each chakra, you can actually feel the area humming when it's played

The mp3 plays a tone for 1 minute, per chakra, starting with the root chakra. I love it!!

3. Kriya Yoga Meditation - $10

Kriya Yoga has been veiled in secrecy for eons and has been known to open and clear the chakras; fortunately in these modern times the veils are being lifted and this sacred breathing technique is available to all.

Anne Diedre offers this downloadable mp3 where she talks of the benefits of this meditation, then explains how to do it. http://annedeidre.com/store-2/#!/~/product/id=14568591

4. Chakra Bending - free download This mp3 by Rudy Hunter is 6-1/2 minutes of energy waves and vibrational codes to clear and energize your chakras. http://www.rudyhunter.com/chakra-bending-gift.html

5. Chakra Clearing - Energy Clearing, Balancing and Repair - free on YouTube

Energy Healer Deb Cummings goes chakra by chakra, sending energy to heal and align you. It's a but long at 19 minutes so don't do this if you're feeling restless:

Good luck!

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