How to Open Your Third Eye

The third eye or Ajna chakra, located in the center of the head, is responsible for psychic abilities and heightened awareness. There are many, many ways to open your Third Eye, but here are 7 techniques I've found to be very effective. Good luck!

1. Decalicify Your Pineal Gland In order to activate your Third Eye, you absolutely MUST take steps to decalcify your pineal gland. Even if you only do this one thing, your Third Eye will start to open.

The pineal gland is located in the center of the head and is responsible for awareness and psychic abilities. Ages ago it was large and soft; however in our present day & age it’s about the size of a pea and calcified due to fluoride, processed & GMO food, environmental toxins, etc etc (hence so many “sheeple”) Many experts say our pineal glands are calcified by the age of 17, so adults must do everything we can to restore it to its natural state for more heightened awareness.

Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take, and here is an excellent link & video:

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland - Excellent video!!!

2. Meditate

Regular meditation will undoubtedly help open your Third Eye, as it allows for other senses and higher awareness to come into play.

There are many ways to meditate, but you can start by simply sitting in a chair with your back straight but relaxed. If you prefer, you can dim the lights and/or listen to soft music - just make sure you won't be disturbed for awhile. Focus on your feet and set the intention to remain grounded. Take some deep, slow breaths from the diaphragm and with each exhale, set the intention to relax your body more & more, and to just let go. Be sure to relax all the tiny muscles in your head - especially around your eyes and ears. If thoughts come, just let them go. (I visualize particles settling at the bottom of a glass of water, and the water becoming crystal clear.) After several breaths, besides relaxed, you should feel a wonderful sense of expansion and release.

Whenever you're ready, focus on the center of your head; visualize a beautiful white light there and set the intention that your Third Eye now open, harmoniously and comfortably.

Whatever happens (or doesn't happen), remain detached and don't judge anything - just trust that with each meditation, you are becoming more aware and progressing on your spiritual journey.

Stay like this for as long as you want. You should feel great afterwards :-)

You can so try the guided meditation at #7 below - it's wonderful!!!

3. Sacred Activations

Healer Tamra Oviatt offers 100+ activations from her website,, on topics such as increasing psychic ability, as well as improving health, money, relationship & emotional issues. The activations are downloadable mp3's and last approximately 10 minutes; she first explains what the energy does, then you relax while she sends the energy to you. You may feel tired, thirsty and/or emotional for a few days afterward as old energies leave your energy field. In the days, weeks & months ahead, the energy will continue to shift you; each time you do the activation it will shift you on deeper & deeper levels. I have done almost all of them over the past 6 months or so, and I can attest they are powerful and effective!! There are many activations that will increase psychic awareness, but the ones I recommend for opening the Third Eye are: Avebury/Stonehenge (Free! - increases your healing and psychic abilities Balance and Activate the Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, God Head and Third Eye ($35 USD -

4. Mudras

This article shows the mudras (hand positions) to open all the chakras; scroll down for the Third Eye mudra. You should feel a nice buzzing around your Third Eye area as you hold this mudra and chant "Om" or "Ah":

5. Sounds

According to this source, specific sounds will activate your Third Eye:

6. Crystals

Crystals amplify energy, so if you place one on your Third Eye chakra it helps to helps to open & activate it. Once I laid down with a large quartz crystal on my forehead and after about 15 minutes of meditation, vivid scenes played out in my mind's eye - I believe these were from a past life since I recognized some faces as people I know in this life. Wild!

Even better, crystals can be programmed - so you can imbue a crystal with the energy & intention of opening your Third Eye, becoming more telepathic, seeing angels, etc etc

Here is a excellent link on using crystals to open your Third Eye:

7. Meditation For Activating the Third Eye and Pineal Gland - with Archangel Michael

This is a wonderful meditation & activation! Do it now, then again in 3 months to bring your awareness to the next level. According to Telos, Archangel Michael and Asara (the channeler): "It is a powerful guided meditation to strengthen not only our perception of the unseen world, it also enables us to envision our experience of Heaven on Earth. Also, this meditation will activate our pineal gland to the next level. The function of our pineal gland in our spiritual evolution is very important, as it assists with the entire re-wiring of our DNA into an ascended state. It is directly connected with our Third Eye Chakra, to bridge our physical with the non-physical world."

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