Opening Your Third Eye: Pro's & Caveats

I know we spiritual seekers want open our third eyes and attain higher & higher levels of consciousness, but there are a few things to keep in mind when embarking on the journey to greater awareness.

The Pro's: Opening your third eye can be a wonderful adventure - there is so much magic and possibility beyond what we’ve been programmed to think & believe in this limited 3d earth reality!! Also life seems to flow more easily, and you can sense non-physical beings & energies all around you assisting you. There will still be challenging times, but life will feel more like a treasure hunt than a hard struggle. The Caveats: Always keep these things in mind: - Be aware you may not be ready to see certain things, as sudden increased awareness can be a shock to the limited conscious mind (also you may trigger past life traumas where you were tortured for knowing things). Be detached as much as you can, and be honest with yourself about how fast you want to go. Also, I recommend asking your guides to help you open your third eye in a way that is both comfortable and joyful. - Secondly it’s crucial you ground yourself before doing any third eye work; if you’re not grounded you can potentially access the lower astral where low energies & trickster astral beings reside. Also be sure to open & clear all your chakras - not just your third eye - so you’re balanced. Think of your entire body as a giant antenna, receiving information from all chakras, not just the third eye. -Lastly the process takes time and is ongoing so be patient & keep the energy light & joyful (i.e don’t turn it into hard work) Remember the more joyful you are, the higher your vibration and the more easily everything will flow. Good luck!


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