Simple Technique to Resolve Conflicts

No matter how spiritually inclined we may be, I think we all experience conflict with others from time to time. Rather than feel frustration and anguish, I've come to rely on this technique which for me has produced miracles. I hope it will help you also :)

Simply get quiet and talk to the other person's Higher Self; pour out your concerns and feelings, and ask their HS to mediate in creating a joyful resolution.

Or if you prefer, ask your own HS to communicate with their HS to craft a win-win outcome.

See you and the other person happily at peace with each other, and give thanks that the conflict has been magically resolved.

You should feel a sense of calm knowing higher forces are at work - Good luck :)

Serenity by Places of Light Visionary Art

#spirituality #spiritualawakening #awareness

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