Temple by the Sea - mystical art by Places of Light Visionary Art
Temple by the Sea

Residing in a remote part of Atlantis is this mystical temple; its function is to heal and renew the human body using pure and pristine energies harnessed through Atlantean technology.
The renewal process is done only at night, as the connections are clearest then. Upon stepping inside the temple, the purple spheres illuminate as your energy field is re-aligned to match your Divine blueprint. Lower energies that do not serve you are released, and your body and mind are wonderfully renewed. Spheres at the tops of each column channel energy and wisdom from specific points in the far reaches of the cosmos, while the purple marble - a substance unique to Atlantis - anchors this high energy, and insures perfect levels are maintained
Once the process is complete, the spheres become clear, and you may now exit the temple, or stay and relax under the moonlight...

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