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About Ellen

Places of Light Visionary Art is the work of self-taught digital artist, Ellen McDonough.

All her life, Ellen has had visions of higher spiritual realms in other dimensions, just beyond the perceptual bandwidth of our 3d Earth matrix. 


She creates what she "sees" digitally using a variety of tools such as Cinema 4d, Vue, Bryce and Photoshop. While designing she imbues the image with high-frequencies, to transmit energies of peace, joy and inspiration. Many have remarked they feel happier after viewing Ellen's images; some have even told her they "remember" or have dreamt of a certain place.​

atlantean spa_day_w
Artist's Statement 

All my life I've had a connection with other worlds - exquisite, resplendent realities so far beyond what we typically experience here on Earth. I’ve always known that while high spiritual realms are our true home, our 3d Earth reality is illusion: an artificially created matrix to keep us feeling limited, separate and powerless. Our true nature, however is heart-centered, beautiful, expansive, powerful and limitless.


Visions of high spiritual realms - also of other star systems, and Atlantis & Lemuria - come to me frequently, sometimes during meditation, but usually when I'm someplace beautiful and magical; I keep a small notebook with me to sketch out what I “see”.


I then create the images digitally, for the realistic-yet-surrealistic effect. When I'm designing, I often feel a presence guiding me, pointing out details, and also conveying the place's own spiritual message. I imbue each image with frequencies of joy and optimism as well as the vibrational frequency of the actual place, so others can also connect with and experience it. 

I always set a strong intention that my images uplift the viewer somehow, leaving them in a higher state of mind than before.

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