About Ellen

Places of Light Visionary Art is the work of self-taught digital artist, Ellen McDonough.

All her life, Ellen has had visions of higher spiritual realms in other dimensions, just beyond the perceptual bandwidth of our 3d Earth matrix.


She creates what she "sees" digitally using a variety of tools such as Cinema 4d, Vue, Bryce and Photoshop. While designing she imbues the image with high-frequencies, to transmit energies of peace, joy and inspiration. Many have remarked they feel happier after viewing Ellen's images; some have even told her they "remember" or have dreamt of a certain place.

 Ellen’s large wall art uses sacred geometry and high-vibrational words beneath the print to anchor and broadcast high frequencies.  Next, under the guidance of Angels and Ascended masters, Ellen uses crystals to program the art piece to increase the vibrational frequency of the room in which it’s displayed,  offer blessings to all who gaze upon it, offer viewers the experience of being transported to the place itself, and so much more. Truly magical!

(to find out more about Ellen's wall art click here)

Brief Bio

I grew up in Rhode Island as a highly sensitive loner, dearly missing "home". Years later, I moved to Boston to study Mechanical Engineering at Boston University (my love of math and geometry superseded my love of art at the time!)


After college, my art career began in the 90’s, designing artwork for computer games. Later, with the dot-com boom, I taught myself web design & Photoshop, and as an independent contractor, designed websites & imagery for companies such as Verizon, Standard & Poor, Allaire (now Adobe), Bank of America and Blue Mountain Arts.


In the 2000’s - craving a more spiritual career - I transitioned to freelance design, creating websites for spiritual practitioners and holistic businesses.


Around this time I came upon Bryce 3d and was instantly hooked - finally, I could bring my other-worldly visions to life!  I designed with Bryce 3d for many years, then eventually 

taught myself Vue and Cinema 4d which expanded my art possibilities even more. 


In the late-2000's I started selling my work at art festivals and open studios throughout New England.


Now, as a professional artist, I sell my art online, in stores as well as at art shows. I live bi-coastly, enjoying the summers in New England and the rest of the year in California's Silicon Valley.

Thank you for your interest in my work! 

I invite you to browse my store for prints, notebooks, bookmarks and cards; images may also be digitally downloaded and made into posters, t-shirts, mugs etc or featured on websites, blogs, flyers, business cards, etc.

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For inquiries, please contact me at ellen@placesoflight.com.

  If you enjoy this site, visit my other site, Magical Places!


Take a virtual journey to mystical, magical places worldwide including Egypt, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Hawaii and many more!


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